Main achievements of the project embodied in public reports, scientific outputs and research publications will be in open access. To mention a few, the following outputs are anticipated:

  • inventory of national and transnational reports on migration-related actors, processes and practices, results of training needs analysis;
  • inventory of modules and educational resources;
  • MOOC course for NGOs. (The list is to be updated)

Dissemination materials and the promotional videos, including short video clips taken from the material produced for the MOOC course will be uploaded on a dedicated Youtube® channel.

O1 – GLocalEAst transnational reports on educational and training needs analysis

This output is the groundwork for the development of the project, as it includes the drafting of accurate reports aimed to map national, regional and local migration actors, policies, processes and practices that nowadays characterize migration issues in every partner country involved in the project. The full partners have scrutinized the practices adopted in national and local migration policies, highlighting related needs and constraints in a transnational perspective. Below you can find national reports for each partner participating in the project (in aplhabetical order).

O1/A1 – GlocalEAst Review of the HE programs in Migration, Diaspora and Border Studies

These reviews set the groundwork for the development of GlocalEASt National Reports (O1/A2). The reviews of HE programs had been designed to develop a state-of-the-art overview of migrations issues as framed in national HE systems of the countries involved in the project.