Project transnational meetings:

  • First Transnational Project Meeting (Kick Off) in Bratislava (on-line) – 30/10/2020: The introductory meeting (Kickoff meeting) was devoted to the organizational issues of the project, whereas the participants had the opportunity to see how the project would be implemented in the future. Project managers from Comenius University (CU) – Aneta Világi and Kateryna Yakovenko – prepared a detailed and structural presentation of the project guidelines with all the financial and administrative points explained. Marco Puleri – on behalf of the University of Bologna – presented the scientific side of project management and emphasized the specific objectives the partners shall meet. Particular milestones were set for the implementation of the project activity O1/A1 and the creation of ‘national networks’ among the main partners and associated partners was outlined. Due to the regulations of COVID-19 (UV-21856/2020 on the prohibition of assemblies of more than 6 persons and UV-678/2020 on the prohibition of going out), the kickoff meeting took place online via the MS Teams platform.
  • Second Transnational Project Meeting – 29/03/2021 – Output 1 Evaluation Meeting – in Belgrade (on-line): The second transnational project meeting took place between the main project partners. Originally, this meeting was to take place in Belgrade (Serbia), but due to the ongoing unfavorable pandemic situation, the meeting took place online via the MS Teams platform. The aim of this meeting was to present and discuss the intellectual outputs of the O1 – transnational report on educational and training needs analysis. Each of the participating institutions presented its national report and then comparative findings were presented, based on national reports. During the discussion, the consortium focused on the transfer of the acquired knowledge to the next stages of the project, specifically their application in the intellectual output of O2 – preparation of the GlocalEAst curriculum. At the second panel of the meeting, the main tasks and milestones related to the implementation of the O2 activity were presented, including a partial activity within O2 – the online seminar GlocalEAST at the University of Bologna. Further on, plans for a project multiplier event organized by the University of Belgrade were addressed.  
  • Third Transnational Project Meeting in Kaunas – Output 2 Midterm meeting  (Autumn 2021)
  • Fourth Transnational Project Meeting in Frankfurt Oder – Output 2 Evaluation Meeting (Autumn 2022)
  • Fifth Transnational Project Meeting in Bologna – Digital Platforms Meeting (Spring 2023)
  • Sixth Transnational Project Meeting in Zagreb – Closing Meeting (Summer 2023)

Each participating institution would hold multiple internal meetings on a regular basis.

GLocalEAst Seminars: 

Open Days seminar – 17-18, June 2021 GlocalEAST Seminars


  1. Educational and Training Needs in Migrant Integration: International conference in Belgrade (22.06. 2021) Conference Program 
  2. Teaching methodologies and approaches to border, migration and diaspora studies: International Conference in Kaunas (23.09. 2021)

    Vytautas Magnus university as a Part of GlocalEAst consortium organizes a conference “Teaching methodologies and approaches to border, migration and diaspora studies” on 23rd of September 2021. During the conference Lithuanian and international scholars and experts will discuss actual challenges of the field and prof. Krzysztof Czyżewski will deliver a key-note speech “I am with You. Practising the Borderland”. Conference will be held in English in VMU Small Hall (S. Daukanto g. 28, Kaunas) and on-line. Programme of the conference.Conference_Kaunas_23.09

  3. Bringing together HEIs and the civil society: International Conference in Frankfurt Oder (scheduled for Autumn 2022)
  4. Digital learning tools for border, migration and diaspora studies: International Conference in Bologna (scheduled for Spring 2023)
  5. GLocalEAst Joint Policy Paper Series: International Conference in Zagreb (scheduled for Summer 2023)